Sprouted... coconuts?!

I was researching the wonderful power of coconuts and I came across this blog post by The 3 Foragers that highlights a little-known delicacy: The sprouted coconut!

Credit to: http://the3foragers.blogspot.com
What an interesting idea!  I have always been a bit unconventional in my idea of dream vacation locations, therefore Hawaii just never really hit my radar.  I always felt like it was a bit cliche and overdone, however now that I know of this wild and natural delicacy I may have to put it on my list of places to actually check out one day!

The 3 Foragers described this treat as follows, "The consistency of the meat ... becomes fluffy and spongy, almost like angel food cake, ... The taste was a bit sour, almost sightly fermented, but also quite good.

After reading the post and dreaming all of my brand-new Hawaii dreams I thought "Hey...  maybe I can bring Hawaii to ME!"  I googled "how to sprout a coconut" and came across this eHow page that describes the process: Get a coconut from the grocery store, super easy.  Bury the thing in a bucket and water it, easy peasey lemon squeezey.  Wait 6 months to 4 years... WHAT?!  Nope, nope, nope.  I'll wait until I can afford a trip to Hawaii and then we'll forage for a wild one.  They're guaranteed more organic that way anyway, right?? Right?  Hey, I have to justify my laziness somehow!

Have you ever heard of this or tried to sprout a coconut of your own?  I would love to hear about your process and what it was like!

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