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I just finished my last final exam of the term! I had THREE today so I'm pretty stoked to be done and have a break.

I have decided to take next term off and I plan on being the best housewife/mother I can be, which means I will be working just as hard as before, if not harder, but the perk is that I get to be at home with my little precious all day, yay!

Sooo, guess what I'm doing tomorrow! Getting up at 7AM to start cleaning, woo! I know, I sound crazy, but this house is a PIG STY and getting it whipped back into shape is going to be just the thing I need. I am dreading it, but I've collected some tools to make things more manageable. Tomorrow is a big "gut out the house and get it back to square one" day, and from then on I will be utilizing a new tool:

Credit to:
Darlene from The Time Warp wife came up with an amazing template for a housekeeping schedule that really inspired and motivated me to get this stay-at-home-mom thing kicked off right. Click the link below to be taken to the original post by Darlene.

After really thinking about it, it makes SO much sense to tackle one major chore a day so that things never get out of hand. It becomes so frustrating to bust my bum cleaning the WHOLE house and make it a beautiful and fun place to live in for a change, and then three days later turn around and say "What happened to this place?!"

This housekeeping schedule is going to change my life! I'm going to tweak it a good deal in order to fit my specific situation of course, but either way, what a good idea! Kudos to you, Darlene! You smart cookie you!

Home preserved!

Tweak your own version and try it out; tell me how it goes!

Click here to visit Darlene's blog, The Time Warp Wife, and download her template.

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