One of THOSE people...

Yes, I'm one of THOSE people.

If you have a Facebook account you know the type I'm talking about. If something happens to me you can bet I will post a book about it. If my baby does something cute I will post numerous pictures of said cute event. If I exercise you will know. If I eat something/make something/see something amazing you will know. If I love a product you will know. Oh, and if you make the mistake of asking me "What's up?"... boy... You. Will. Know.

This being the case, I have decided to chronicle my life journey here rather than so explicitly on Facebook (you're welcome friends and family).

I plan to highlight life events, showcase my ideas, speak openly about my opinions, share great deals I come across, and generally have a good time.

My name is Jeannie and I am a full-time college student at an amazing university. I am a Psychology major working on my Bachelor of Sciences degree. I hope to one day become a Youth Psychologist. I love vegan eating and the benefits of said lifestyle, but at the same time I also love meat like no one's business and I am struggling on cutting back my intake. I am a loud, introverted, active, health-conscious, long-winded, overweight, organized, sloppy, video game playing, Netflix watching, Pinterest addicted, holisticly-living wife to a wonderful husband (as well as a new mom to one). I am one big, walking contradiction rolled into one and I know that. Maybe together we can work things out for the betterment of you and I both, dear reader ^_^.

You can expect to see posts about food, babies, coupons, housekeeping tips, money-saving ideas, holistic living, health and fitness, and everything in between. I don't expect to be able to form a huge internet following, but I do enjoy the thought of sharing my life's trials and triumphs in hopes of inspiring at least a few.

I have fallen off the ship of order and am now floating in a sea of crazy. If you happen to find one of those silly, yellow life preservers, please, go ahead and toss one my way, because I need it!

photo of a sea of leaves taken by me on the WWU campus

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