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Last year I was in an Aerobics class at my university. I had a LOAD of fun, which is not what I was expecting at all. I mean, as appealing as being all sweaty and gyrating around with a bunch of other sweaty people, communally sweating all over each other in a big pool of sweat sounds (ick, sarcasm and exaggeration, ick), I'd rather not have to do all of that AND put forth proper effort in order to obtain a passing grade, you know?

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Physical Activity courses are required however, so I figured I would pick this one and try it out... and you know what, all? I LOVED it! Me. The same person who sometimes skips class simply because the prospect of having to put forth the energy it requires to get dressed in the morning changes my mind. Me, who on the days I DO attend class, if the weather is the least bit foul, will ditch my bike in exchange for my car to help traverse those treacherous two blocks (my husband HATES that).  Yes me; I love aerobics!

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This specific Aerobics class has a different activity nearly every week. Sometimes it's step-aerobics, which were my favorite part because I can *actually* do it and don't think I look like TOO big of a doofus, as opposed to when I'm failing at bosu while the rest of my classmates are failing at not giggling at me (feel sorry for me please?.... no? That's okay; you're not alone).

My FAVORITE days however are the Circuit days.  Our instructor sets up the gym with a myriad different stations for us to hit and we each get a turn for a few minutes and then rotate clockwise. I had a hard time at nearly every single station, but the fact that I knew it would only last a minute or so made me push myself that much harder! I felt fine when it was all over with, but the next day (and subsequently, the next week and a half) I was soooooo sore!  Nothing would help. I could barely get out of a chair without my muscles feeling like they were being torn in two. I thought it just came with the territory. Working out = sore muscles.

The term ended shortly after that, and you know what? Despite the pain, I signed up again! Between that term and the one to follow I stumbled across an interesting tip on My Healthy Life Now involving oranges to aid your muscle-soreness, for which I am eternally grateful!

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I remembered this tip before our circuit happened again (and this was after I had a baby and did nothing but stay at home loving on her all summer, so it's not like the first Aerobics class' benefits were still being reaped), and you know what? NO muscle soreness! I couldn't believe it! I would have two Little Cuties before class and maybe one afterward and I felt good before, during, after, and for days to come.

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I highly recommend it! Worst-case-scenario, if it doesn't work for you then you are still getting some vitamin C (plus they are delicious!!).

Muscles preserved!

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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